Frontend Engineer

About This Job is looking for a talented frontend engineer and designer to add to our purposefully small team of smart, motivated, and experienced people. We use small size to our advantage by having less meetings, allowing freedom in engineering and design, and focusing on quality over quantity.

Joining now means you’ll be involved in all critical product/business decisions, and making some of those decisions yourself.

The person we need is well practiced with their skillset and building experience for years. That means you love development, and you’re confident enough that you feel you could teach someone else your skillset.

We don’t care about your “qualifications,” We care about what you can do.

Frontend Stack

  • Vue JS (with SSR)
  • Firebase / Algolia
  • Node / Serverless
  • LESS
  • Static site generators
  • Circle CI

Tools we use:

  • Webpack
  • Typescript / ES6
  • Storybook
  • Sketch / XD / Illustrator

Areas of interest

  • Payments Services
  • Trust & Credit Technology
  • Test driven development
  • Search and Social Hacking


A bit about Fiction: We help people find and rent-out furnished homes for 1 month or more. We believe we can make this currently painful process much simpler and easier through new services and technology.

In the office, we stay 100% focused on work and tone down distractions as much as possible – you won’t find a ping pong table in our space.

If you’re interested, send an email to [email protected], and be sure to let us know how we can review things you’ve built and worked on in the past.